Fun Running Games to Play with Kids

The great outdoors calls! Here are five fun games to get you and the family up and running after one long winter. Ready? Set? Go!

Hula Hoop Freeze Tag: This fun twist on Tag from allows those players running away from the player who’s “it” to shelter in Hula Hoop “safe zones,” for up to 10 seconds at a time. One player per safe-zone is allowed. Once you are tagged you have to freeze in the position you were tagged in. Pretty soon, everybody except one person will be frozen– they are the new “it”!

Hula Hoop Relay-Race: Looking for a way to switch up the traditional relay race? Natalie Planonk has you covered! Split the kids up into 2 even teams. Create a start and finish line. Then have the kids Hula Hoop the course as fast as they can. Round 1: Skip the course using the hoop as a jump rope. Round 2: Hula Hoop the course walking backward. Round 3: Run the course while keeping the hoop spinning on the arm. Round 4: Kids’ choice — run the course while keeping the hoop spinning any which way! For more fun ways to get active with the Hula Hoop check out: Five Fun Hula Hoop Games.

Capture the Flag: Capture the Flag just never gets old. If you haven’t played in awhile here’s how: 5-10 players divide up into two teams. Each team has a flag (No flag? A shoe, sweatshirt, even a stick will do) to guard in its respective territory. The goal: capture the other team’s “flag,” without getting tagged and sent to “jail.” If someone from your team makes it through “enemy” territory to rescue you, you’re free to rejoin your team’s effort to capture the flag.

Marathon Challenge is a great way to get active as a family and work toward a common goal, suggests Running Planet. We’re not suggesting you ask your kids to run a 26.2 mile marathon in one day. But what you can do over one week is go out on a few short runs together, then look back at week’s end how far you ran! No one ever said it all had to be done in one go. And if you keep at it, you and they’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll reach the 26.2 mile mark. You might even decide it’s time to start training to do the real thing!

Sardines is a great way to add more activity to the beloved kid classic hide and go seek. Instead of everyone hiding and one person running all over the place to find them, one person (the Sardine) hides so more kids playing can get active seeking. As soon as someone finds the Sardine, you join him or her, until everyone is hiding, packed together behind a tree, under a bush or pressed to the back of the garage – like sardines! For more fun, active games, check out 10 Running Games for Kids to Get them off the couch and in the Yard from Simple Family Fitness.