Indoor Mountain Climbing Games for Kids

Mountain climbing is a serious sport that can be very fulfilling. Whether it is the rush you get from scaling large terrain, or the physical endurance required, or even the excitement from being suspended up high - mountain climbing is definitely an exciting sport. And if your kid shows interest in taking the sport seriously, then be sure to check out these mountain climbing games for kids.

Mountain climbing obviously must be done safely, and for kids starting out we recommend indoor "mountain" climbing games so that kids can learn mountain climbing in a safer environment.

Add On: This kids' mountain climbing game is easy to execute and fun for two climbers. Simply have two climbers start out with a different "hold" on a particular spot on the wall. Then each climber will take turns adding one specific move to their original position, which the other has to copy. Check the link for other variations of this game, as well as other kids' mountain climbing games such as Takeaway, Taps, and Blind Climb.

Round About: This kids' mountain climbing game is more competitive, but requires a decent skill level for all players. The first climber chooses a spot with adequate space around them. The other player then must climb around the first player in circles. The first climber, however, is tasked with trying to stop the encircling player by trying to climb toward and grab each hold before the second climber gets there! After ten seconds of non-movement, the second climber loses the game, and then switches role with the first climber.

Take Away: This is a classic indoor mountain climbing wall game for kids who have a high skill level, but also confidence in their ability. This game is exciting for kids because it involves gamesmanship and strategy. The coach/instructor creates a route with 20 holds, and then the first player climbs and finishes the route. This player then must remove 1 hold from the route, and then another player tries to climb this same route (with one less hold), and also remove a hold. If finally a player cannot finish this route, the previous climber who removed the hold must then climb the same route to prove that it can be done!

Here are a few more climbing games including some warm-up ideas.

And here is a great forum from Mountain Project with ideas for indoor mountain climbing games and activities for kids.