Squash Games for Kids

First played in 1830, squash is a high octane sport for those with fast reflexes and little fear of a fast moving ball. Call it a combination of tennis and badminton, but your kids are sure to love it. Squash is ideal for either 2 or 4 players, and we've cobbled together a few fun squash games and activities for kids to enjoy:

Squash Baseball: This is a fun take on squash that every baseball-loving kid will enjoy and appreciate. By playing baseball but with squash rackets and balls, kids can get used to the hard hitting squash rackets, as well as the ball. Squash baseball is ideal for kids who have never played squash before, or even for squash players who just want to change it up a bit for some extra squash fun.

Alternate Shots: This game is from the squash baseball link above, and is a fun game which also teaches speedy reactions and teamwork. Start a standard game, but have 3 people who must alternate between 2 rackets. The goal of this game is to simply continue hitting the ball against the wall without any misses, and to try and keep the rally going for as long as possible. Check out the link for other squash games including squash dodgeball, 500, and squash relay races.

Additional Squash Activities and Resources:

Mod Swot: This particular kids squash game, as well as a few others explained in detail, offer great rudimentary training in the form of fun games that kids will enjoy.

Squash Coaching: Check out this site for a great overview on squash coaching, strategies, and how to teach squash to kids from various age brackets.

Squash Drills: If you're looking for fun squash drills for your kid to play, check out this YouTube channel which has squash drills for kids of all ages.

Additionally, check out this awesome resource for more facts and information related to kids' squash.