UNICEF Kid Power Funding: How It Works

When you join UNICEF Kid Power, you're helping severely malnourished children in so many ways.

If you buy a UNICEF Kid Power Band, $10 of the $39.99 purchase price goes toward funding ready-to-use-therapeutic-food (RUTF) packets that UNICEF delivers to severely malnourished children around the world.

Plus, whenever you download one of the $3.99 UNICEF Kid Power Missions within the UNICEF Kid Power App, 70% of that helps save lives too! The other 30% of the purchase prices goes toward the standard app fees that both Apple and Google tack on to every app purchase.

UNICEF Kid Power does offer three free Missions: the Alex Morgan Global Mission is one. Plus, thanks to presenting sponsor Star Wars: Force for Change both the Star Wars: Force for Change Missions with Ashley Eckstein are free too.

But whenever you download any of the $3.99 UNICEF Kid Power Missions, the AWESOME news is that 100% of the funds UNICEF Kid Power receives goes toward RUTF!

That's why getting active on UNICEF Kid Power Missions is the quickest, most effective and FUN way UNICEF Kid Power Team Members can provide lifesaving therapeutic food to malnourished kids. Here's how it works:

Every 2,400 steps, the Kid Power App awards you a point that unlocks funding from UNICEF partners, parents and fans. This funding is what makes it possible for UNICEF to deliver lifesaving packets of therapeutic food to the children in need.

How many points does it take to unlock one packet of therapeutic food? If you're getting active on a UNICEF Kid Power Mission, 10 points unlocks one packet. In between Missions? No problem! When you get active in training mode — or when you're not on a Mission — every 25 points earned by the steps you take sends another lifesaving food packet to a child who needs it.

One in four kids around the world is severely malnourished. Helping them is one of UNICEF Kid Power's main objectives. But that isn't the only one. The program also aims to give the one in four kids in the U.S. who don't get enough physical activity a good reason to get moving.

With UNICEF Kid Power, the more you move — the closer you get to meeting the National Institutes of Health's 12,000-step daily activity goal — the more lives you save!

And that, says UNICEF Kid Power Team member Andersen is "a win-win!"