Fun Academic & STEM Summer Camps for Kids

Why Send Your Kid to a STEM Summer Camp?

stem summer camps

We LOVE STEM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) for kids! Not just because these are solid 21st century skills. We think they are great for children because STEM programs prime kids' brains to tackle traditional challenges and think outside the box. What's more, exposing kids to STEM introduces them to the wonders of how the world works.

With many schools hard-pressed to find time and money for enrichment classes—computing, art, physical education, music—summer is a great time for parents of kids who love tech to indulge their child's passion! 

If you think your child would enjoy taking a deep dive into really cool experiments and projects they may not even realize is science, then a STEM summer camp may be the ticket! Here's our round-up of cool summer camps that will get your kids problem-solving, thinking creatively and having fun!

Science Camps for Kids

Send your kid to a summer science camp and you and they will be blown away by how much fun they can have learning during the summer months!

Tanadoona Science Camp for Kids - Excelsior, MN

The Tanadoona science camp for kids offers a coed day camp devoted to turning your little Einstein into a scientist with mad skillz! All the fun experiments you ever did in science class, like a volcano or slime, they'll get to do here, plus even more! If you have a curious kid who loves to experiment, this is a great fit!

Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center - Little Rock, AR

The Camp at Ferncliff ticks all the science boxesfrom physics and chemistry to earth science—and gets kids moving. This coed sleep-away camp gives your kid plenty of time to do tons of cool and wacky experiments while also allowing for exercise with classic camping activities. 

YMCA Camp Ohiyesa - Holly, MI

If your kids love Mythbusters, this coed YMCA day camp was made for them! Taking its cue from the cult classic Discovery Channel show now in its 15th season, this camp lets kids have their crack at busting popular myths that are also safe, fun and educational. And when your camper isn't, say, trying to build a bridge with duct tape or see if it's possible to use salsa to break out of jail, they can take part in lots of traditional summer-camp fun, like hitching rides on the zip line, cooling off hurtling down the water slide, canoeing and even more. 

Technology, Computing, Robotics Camps for Kids

Is your child dying to code? Are your kids way into Lego Robotics? Do they like to play computer games? If so then why not let them indulge their techno side with a session at a summer camp that teams computing with robotics.

Sherman Lake YMCA - Augusta, MI

This coed camp was made for robotics lovers. Kids spend two hours of their camp day learning the ins and outs of gears, levers, machines and motors as they build models with working motors and sensors. They'll get practice programming as they bring their models—including Terrapin Pro-Bot cars—to life using the Logo for Lego programming language, developed at MIT for young students.  

Camp Fitch YMCA - Springfield, PA

As one of the first computer camps in the country, Camp Fitch offers a one-of-a-kind program for kids and more advanced young adults (ages 8 to 16) interested in everything from software development and game creation to multi-media programming and robotics. The programs are individualized to fit campers' needs making it a truly unique opportunity for kids looking to build their techno chops.

Generation Code - Washington, DC 

Though this camp has not been rated by the ACA, it's still worth checking out if your child loves video games! Focused on exploring what makes some games fun and others techno-duds, this camp gives kids the chance to develop their own games over the course of a two-week boot camp. Campers begin by looking at the secrets of Minecraft, Runescape, and Puzzle Pirates' success then put what they've learned into practice as they draw upon their own creativity to make an immersive gaming experience. A unique chance for kids to go from being gamers to game creators.

Engineering Camps

Does your child like to build? How about take things apart? Do they have a singular ability to focus on what interests them? Does he or she wonder about things like how bridges stand up and escalators go up and down? Then you may have a budding engineer on your hands who might just enjoy exploring that passion over the summer at an engineering summer camp.

Oakland Yard Summer Adventure Camp, Gizmo’s - Waterford, MI

If your kid loves to build things, this camp is a perfect fit. Curious minds will love learning how to turn boring old household items into cool gadgets. Each camper will get up to speed on how to use switches and batteries to make their cool inventions come to life. Just as cool, each camper gets an instruction manual to take home so they can keep right on inventing! Don't be surprised when the small household appliances start disappearing!

Oakland Yard Summer Adventure Camp, Rocket - Waterford, MI

A week-long summer camp devoted to building rockets! Who knew space engineering could be so fun and accessible?! Kids will get their own ESTES rockets to assemble, launch then land, a part of the experience that will teach them all about  assembled daily by your kid. They will also have to make landing estimates taking into consideration the intricacies of wind speed/direction and velocity. Campers will learn all about the National Air and Space Administration (NASA), past APOLLO missions and the FAA. Campers will take home all rockets that they build and launch, including the ever-popular air-powered rocket, which shoots up to 200 feet!

ICC Summer Engineering Camp - Grand Rapids, MN

With programs for 7th to 12th graders, this sleep-away camp at Itasca Community College Center lets your kid deploy engineering concepts used by real engineers to solve interesting problems and take on cool team projects. The goal of this program is to give campers a real understanding of what it takes to be an engineer and create opportunities for kids to enjoy more traditional summer camp recreational activities with peers who share the same interests.

Math and Physics Camps

If your kid is drawn to games and activities that are math and science based, then a camp geared specifically toward broadening their learning could be a nice complement to the lighter side of summer fun.

Summer Programs and Princeton Day School, Geometry - Princeton, NJ

If you have a math lover on your hands, this is the camp for them. Great for kids preparing to take geometry in the future or those who've already had the class but just want to brush up for SAT or ACT prep, this program is taught by the excellent teachers at Princeton Day School. Kids will get to use the Geometer Sketch Pad, a computer program that makes geometry extra fun.

Summer Programs and Princeton Day School, Algebra Math Lab - Princeton, NJ

Great for algebra lovers or students looking to review, this program offers students time in the computer lab. If your kid is due to take the SAT or any math related exam, this is a great program for them.