Best Basketball Games and Activities for Kids


16398151447_5e3695159e_o.jpgWith UNICEF Kid Power Champion Maya Moore and her Minnesota Lynx battling the Los Angeles Sparks for the WNBA Championships and the NBA preseason all set to start, there's plenty of amazing basketball to watch. 

What better time for you and your family to get out on the court and practice your dribbling and shooting skills?

Best Basketball Games and Drills for Kids

Horse: This classic works with 2 or more players. Player No. 1 kicks things off by taking a shot from anywhere on the court. If she makes the basket, then the next player must shoot from there as well. If he or she misses, they pick up an ‘H,' and the next player then gets to take their shot at the hoop from anywhere on the court they please. The goal is to make shots your opponents find difficult, thereby keeping possession of the ball and forcing the other players to pick up letters with each missed shot.

Around the World: This game works with as few as two players and one ball, but more can play just as well. The goal is to make ever more difficult consecutive shots from various spots around the court, each one farther away from the basket than the last. Begin with a layup, then move on to shots from the following positions: halfway between the basket and free-throw line, at the free throw line, 20-feet from the basket along either side, at the 3-point line, and, last but certainly not least when it comes to difficulty, center court. The first player to make all these shots then one final lay-up wins.

60 Seconds: This fun, frenetic game challenges kids to score as many buzzer-beaters as they can in 60 seconds. Baskets in the paint are worth 1 point, outside the foul line, 2, and 3 pointers are worth, you guessed it, 3! If you want your kid to learn to score, this is the game for them!

Golden Child: We found this game at Trevor McLean's Basketball For Coaches, where coaches share tips and games for helping their teams improve their shooting, passing, dribbling, passing and footwork. Golden Child challenges shooters and dribblers to see who can successfully complete their assigned skill faster. One kid or team dribbles around the outside of half court while the other attempts to make a basket. Dribblers keep going until their opponent makes their shot and to get them “out.”

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