Best Dance Classes for Kids in New York City, New York

These streets will make you feel brand new...Big lights will inspire you...Hear it from New York! Alicia Keys belted out these lyrics while reminiscing about her favorite city, the one that never sleeps. It is quite fitting that a city that never sleeps is absolutely packed with dance studios. And, New Yorkers get started at a young age too, as there are a ton of kid friendly dance studios in NYC.

With the Great White Way a neighborhood fixture, musical theater classes like Broadway Babies and Applause Theatrical Workshops have classes to give all ages—from toddlers to teens—a shot at the spotlight. If hip hop or break dancing is more their thing, the 92nd Street Y has a class for ages 4 to 7. Looking for a ballet class that isn’t old school? Alvin Ailey offers classes for teens—no auditions or prior dance experience required—that puts a progressive spin on the classics.

If the above mentions don't fit your jam, then check out some of our other New York City dance studio favorites:

Dancewave is based in Brooklyn, and has everything from ballet to modern dance, hip hop and jazz and much more. There are also classes specifically tailored for boys and for children who are interested in musical theater. Ballet Hispánico is on the Upper West Side, and as the name implies, incorporates Latin cultures into all of their dance sessions. Latin cultures include everything from Venezuela, Cuba, Trinidad, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia. They have classes for as low as 2 years old, so the minute your kid can groove, bring 'em on down!                                                                                   

If you thought 2 years was young, then check out The Peridance Capezio Center. They have options for kids as young as 18 months! With over 250 weekly classes, this place is legit, and is very respected within the New York City Dance Community, with classes offering ballet, jazz, salsa, hip-hop and more. The American Tap Dance Center is a bit more niche, specializing in tap-dance classes for kids, teenagers and adults. Beginner kids start off with Tap Fundamentals, moving on to more advanced courses like Shim Sham Crew and Hoofers and Hitters.

If you find yourself in LA, we have dance class recommendations for there as well!