Summer Sports Camps for Kids

Why Choose a Sports Camp for Your Kids


Sports camps are great for kids because they offer an outlet for kids to develop their athletic skills, bond with others socially, and learn to play in a rewarding team format.

Furthermore, sports camps are great for developing foundational life skills. Kids will meet tons of new friends, learn how to work with one another, and play sports that they love every single day. Sports camps are great for newbies and for more advanced players.

Here, we break down the various types of sports camps out there to help you and your child explore which one might work best for them. 

Basketball Summer Camps for Kids

If your kid has dreams of becoming the next Kyrie Irving or LeBron James, then a basketball summer camp may be a dream come true! Check out more basketball game ideas for kids here.

Fighting Illini Boys Basketball Camps & Clinics

The University of Illinois sports camp offers programs for both boys and girls. This program lets your kid have fun while learning all about the sport of basketball, improving important skills such as dribbling, shooting, and passing. The programs group kids by age and gender (co-ed is available). For the younger kids, there is a parent/kid option. There are also day programs as well as over-night and two-night programs. This program incorporates Illinois college-level coaches and even some University of Illinois players!

Rising Star Sports Ranch - Nike Basketball Camp, Nevada

The Rising Star Sports Ranch is a really fun take on a sports summer camp: not only can your kid go to camp for a night, but since the camp actually takes place at a resort, kids can feel like they are on vacation at the same time. The experienced Nike staff offers top of the line training and brand new facilities. Of course, it goes without saying that Nike is a leading basketball powerhouse, as they produce NBA sneakers, and sponsor many NCAA basketball teams. This basketball camp covers all the bases, helping kids learn basketball fundamentals while developing skills in all 5 positions on the court.

Georgetown Prep Sports Camp

Georgetown Prep enlists all-star coaches and staff to run this basketball day camp for kids. The facilities offer four courts, enabling kids to work in smaller groups and get the individual attention needed to hone their basketball skills. The first half of the day is focused on basketball skills and drills, while during the second half, kids put into practice all they've learned. This challenging yet rewarding camp offers program for kids aged 9-15.

Baseball & Softball Camps for Kids

Baseball and softball are two popular outdoor summer sports for kids. Here are three great summer baseball programs for kids:

Bar-T Mountainside, Maryland

At Bar-T Mountainside's co-ed day camp, kids can play baseball and softball during the morning and then cool off in the pool during the heat of the afternoon! The day ends with infield practice and practice games during which kids can see how they are progressing and get expert coaching feedback. If your kid has expressed interest in baseball or softball, this could be a good option.

Summer Trails Day Camp - Granite Springs, NY 

With over 20 acres of land, this baseball camp offers a baseball program in a wonderfully scenic setting. Summer Trails Day Camp offers a variety of programs that range from several weeks to a few days. Working with kids from 8-13, this program is dedicated to instilling a love for baseball while fostering character development. 

Oakland Yard Summer Adventure Camps - Waterford, MI

This Michigan based baseball camp for kids focuses on the fundamentals of throwing, catching, fielding, etc. Coaches do a lot of the pitching but the camp also has a pitching machine, so your kid can get tons of batting practice (which we know they LOVE). This camp keeps it small, with only around 20 spaces for kids ages 6 to 7. A great option for little pitchers and batters just starting out due to all the individual instruction.

Horseback Riding Camps for Kids

Summer may be the perfect time to get your kids on a horse and explore what horseback riding is all about!

Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center - Little Rock, AR

Kids are fascinated by horses, but before putting them into the saddle it's best to get them proper instruction. This camp offers a beginners' course that not only teaches kids horseback riding fundamentals but also how to care for and nurture a horse. Great for teaching kids about how to bond with the horse while also instilling values such as the hard work and responsibility that come along with horseback riding.

Calvin Crest Camp Conference Center, Freemont, NE

Calvin Crest Camp offers a week long program. Your kid can get introduced to horses via trail rides, grooming, and horse soccer. The camp's family-like atmosphere fosters great and long lasting friendships with fellow campers, counselors—and horses. This is a “sleep-away” style camp with several dates and age groups to choose from.

YMCA Camp Olson

Camp Olson offers an introduction to beginning horseback riding skills in a safe controlled environment. Kids take lessons in the ring and also get a chance to ride through miles of trails that are perfect for beginners. Stationed right outside the stables, this sleep-away style camp starts off with riding practice each morning. After riding, kids can choose to participate in other activities. This camp offers 35 well-trained and cared-for horses on 1,250-plus acres of open land.

Golf Camps for Kids

Most schools don't have golf programs, which is why a golf camp for kids is a great opportunity to give your kids! Check out additional golf games for kids here.

Oakland Yard Summer Adventure Camp - Waterford, MI

Oakland Yard offers 2 full days of golf experience out on Heather Highland’s Executive Golf Park. The camp starts off with standard freewheeling golf ball hitting practice, followed by a more focused practice in which kids learn different golf shots. A final golf tournament held at the end of each camp session will allow a child to show off all skills learned during the week: long iron, chipping, sand trap and putting targets. Oakland Yard has a 5:1 coach to camper ratio, so kids get a fair amount of attention.

Camp Lincoln for Boys - Lake Hubert, MN

Camp Lincoln offers a co-ed program for kids aged 8-16 at various skill levels. Keeping the groups small, this camp focuses on high quality instruction along with state of the art golf facilities, with a large swing area, chipping green, practice bunker, and huge putting area with natural obstacles. The camp also offers video golf simulation and concludes with a real-life tournament and awards ceremony.

Gymnastics Camps for Kids

If the school year gym class doesn't offer enough gymnastics for your kids, then a summer gymnastics program could do the trick:

International Gymnastics Camp - Stroudsburg, PA

This gymnastics camp offers a great introduction to gymnastics. Featuring programs for each age group, the camp prides itself on offering an enriching and diverse experience for beginner up to more advanced gymnasts. Each day, your kid will go through 6 rotations staffed by premiere coaches but also get the chance to take part in more traditional summer camp activities as well.

Cohutta Springs Youth Camp - Collegedale, TN

Cohutta Springs camp has a 5 hour per day gymnastics camp taught by a gym-masters coach. Offering classes for several age groups, the camp supplements its other sports activities with gymnastic classes and training in power tumbling, acrobatics, balance and flexibility. 

Cheerleading Camps for Kids

With Cheerleading for kids so popular in many schools, a summer cheerleading camp may be just what your kid needs to get a leg up on his or her upcoming tryouts!

Oakland Yard Summer Adventure Camp - Waterford, MI

Great for beginner cheerleaders, this week-long program will introduce your kid to motion technique, cheers, chants and jumps. If your kid loves to entertain, they can even choose to perform a routine in front of the camp for friends and family. 

Woodward Copper - Frisco, CO

Woodward Copper offers an overnight, co-ed camp for all skill levels. Campers focus on tumbling, trampoline skills, fun routines, and other cheerleading basics, all in a state of the art facility. This camp classes are tailored to age and ability.

Skateboarding Camps for Kids

Can't get your child off his or her board during the school year? Well how about sending them to skate camp?

Woodward Copper - Frisco, CO

This skating camp offers a unique experience for your skateboarder. Woodward Copper offers morning and evening skateboarding sessions at the indoor barn with field trips to several local skate parks with coaches on hand to teach skateboarding moves and tricks. Other recreational activities offered include: trampolines, the WreckTangle, Create-A-Skate skate deck art and more when campers aren't training or working through trick progressions. 

Oakland Park Adventure Camp - Waterford, MI

Oakland Park Adventure Skate camp offers experienced coaching in proper jump, half-pipe, ride-a-rail and so much more. Full protective equipment will also be provided. This camp is a great way for kids to have fun and make friends while improving their skate moves.

With the exception of the basketball camps, all camps are accredited by the American Camp Association, which evaluates camps on the basis of a broad spectrum of indicators. For more information, check out the ACA website.