Crunchy, Crafty, and Caffeinated: Loch Haven Park

Field trips are some of my favorite memories from elementary school. Getting a break from classes to explore places we’d never seen—from the dugout of a professional baseball stadium to behind the scenes at a bowling alley—was a very special treat.

Now that I’m a parent, I’m glad to see the tradition continue. This year my kids have gone on some amazing field trips to art museums and the theatre. While these field trips are educational and exciting, they can be taxing for fidgeting kids. Thankfully both also included pit stops at Loch Haven Park.

Giving kids time to run around and get the sillies out before they have to stay calm and quiet is always a good idea. At 45-acres, Loch Haven Park offers one of the best open spaces for kids who want to do just that. There’s plenty of room for them to run and have fun on their own, or for their teachers to lead a game of Simon Says, Sharks and Minnows, or Duck Duck Goose. Just 30 minutes of fresh air and exercise helps their brains and bodies get ready to learn.

Loch Haven isn’t just for school groups! We hit the park as a family too. Since we live in a townhouse with no yard, any time we can get the kids outside to run and climb trees I am all for it! I grew up climbing a giant Buckeye tree as a kid and I am happy to report that my kids are big fans of climbing giant trees as well.

Loch Haven Park is also surrounded by some of the best museums and theatres in Orlando—from the Orlando Science Center to the Orlando Fire Museum where the kids can actually climb on an old time fire truck and ring the bell! Not to mention Orlando’s better known attractions—Disney World, Universal Studios, et. al!

A picnic lunch and some unstructured running around after a dab of artistic fun could be the perfect change of pace during a theme park vacation. —Anne Marie DeSimone


Anne Marie DeSimone, is the creator of Crunchy, Crafty, and Highly Caffeinated where she blogs about life, food, crafts, experiences, and writes reviews - all while fueled by high quantities of caffeine! She is also the co-creator of the podcast network Universe Box that specializes in stories set to a theme. Here is her Facebook Page.