Thanksgiving Break Family-Friendly Staycation Ideas That Are Easy on the Wallet and Fun for Everyone


USDA Txgiving Staycation.jpg

You don’t need to travel far to find a memorable dream vacation. In fact, it just might be in your own backyard— or at the local farm stand! Here are some ways you and the family can make Thanksgiving Break super fun and active — no long car rides or TSA lines required!

Be a Tourist in Your Own Town Take a step back and look at the place you call home. What wonderful parks, museums, art galleries, historic monuments are there waiting to be discovered? Get a tourism pamphlet and explore what makes your home unique. Or think about what you say to your friends who come to town looking for suggestions of what to do and go rediscover why you love them.  

Park-Crawl What’s the best park in your city? Best playground? Make a list or a map as a family, pack some snacks, sunscreen — still needed even as temperatures drop! —and water and go find out! Spend the day exploring your area’s best outdoor parks taking time to stop and smell the roses and play one or two of the Fun Fitness Games Families Can Play Together! Let the kids choose a spot they rarely get to go, or challenge them to find a new favorite to add to your family's list of go-to haunts. Be sure to investigate all hidden historical monuments, fountains, or playgrounds, and give the kids a reward — a UNICEF Kid Power Mission, perhaps? — for all their fun finds. 

Ice or roller skating: As the weather gets colder skating is a great way to get active —either indoors at an old-school roller rink — or outside at one of the nation's many ice skating rinks. For a list, check out our post here. Added bonus, in the days leading up to the holidays, many rinks take on a fun festive feel, with holiday lights!

Scavenger Hunt Kids love scavenger hunts no matter where they are! Start in your house — have the kids "find" all the items you need for a family outing — then head somewhere fun like a neighborhood park or pick a couple different stops leading to a bonus final destination: their favorite local museum, a movie theater, playground, paint-your-own pottery studio, you name it! 

Go for a Hike Take advantage of the free time off and go for a ramble! As long as you bundle up, walking in winter is a great way to get excercise and Vitamin D! Don’t forget your UNICEF Kid Power Band to make sure all your steps count. We've got a list of our Top Ten Family Hiking Places. But you don't have to live anywhere near them to have fun. Just walk out the front door with water, snacks and sunscreen and enjoy where the day takes you! If you don’t live near any trails, plot a course through a scenic part of town.

Finally, act like it’s vacation! Take tons pictures, posting them proudly on Instagram (tagging UNICEF Kid Power if you please) sleep in, splurge on a couple outings, unplug and enjoy the luxury of having to be nowhere except where you and the kids absolutely want to be!