Kid Power 2.0 Is Here! Check It Out!


When UNICEF Kid Power launched in 2014, it made a splash in the crowded wearable market by giving kids the power to save lives — something no other fitness tracker or app could do!

That lifesaving feature is still core to the new Kid Power App released today. The App still works with the UNICEF Kid Power Band, smartphones and the Apple Watch to convert daily activity into lifesaving nutrition. Kid Power 2.0 is still free, too!

But that’s not all! There’s lots more new exciting stuff happening in the App now, which we think makes the virtual Kid Power journey just as fun as it is empowering!

Kids now have a diverse range of avatars (see above) to choose from so they can get active to save lives their way.

The Kid Power world also has a whole new look plus fun challenges for Kid Power Team members to navigate as they go on missions and learn about new cultures where their daily activity is having lifesaving impact. And for added support, encouraging mission hosts (below, left) pop up along the way to cheer everybody on and keep them engaged and motivated.


What else is new? Leaderboards (above, right) make getting active to save lives extra fun for friends and family who want to see who can get the most steps — and food packets — on any given day, week or month! Plus, being able to track lifetime steps and food packets unlocked (above, center) makes it super easy to stay inspired to help kids in need — while unlocking rewards and surprise content along the way!

Ready to check it out?

Getting started in the new app takes very little time. If you’re a member of the Kid Power Team, the update should have already arrived on your phone or tablet. If not, just check that you have the most recent version.

If you’re new to Kid Power and want to join the team, download the new App from the App Store™ or Google Play™ and begin getting active to save lives!