Kid Power Games Now Available on Google Assistant

Google Home

Whether you and the family are headed out of town this Memorial Day Weekend or sticking close to home, we've got some news that could make the first holiday weekend of the summer even that more festive!

Kid Power has just joined the ranks of fun games, activities, and stories now available on Google Assistant!

Around my house, the suite of Google Assistant games — musical chairs, trivia, and freeze dance — has become our go-to on rainy days or weekends when we want a screen-free way to have a fun between family outings.  

That's why we are so excited that Kid Power is now in the mix so we can get active and help malnourished kids at the same time!

Already my kids are hooked on Kid Power Says, which like “Simon Says,” gets them running, jumping and hopping while honing their listening skills. There's also Ultimate Trivia, which quizzes families on the countries of the world — my kids love that one because it allows them to show off what knowledgeable global citizens they’ve become thanks to UNICEF Kid Power! The third game, Animal Tag is just like Duck Duck Goose—except that kids earn lifesaving nutrition when they play. All the new Kid Power games are designed to get everyone moving, learning — and earning UNICEF Kid Power points.

To get started, just ask your Assistant to: "Talk to UNICEF Kid Power." Don't have Google Assistant? Here's more info. 

I think It’s pretty great to have one more way for my family to get healthy and active while making a difference! Please let me know if comments if you do too!

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