The Only Kids' Wearable in TIME’s Top 25 Inventions

Pop Quiz: how many miles have kids walked or run or gotten active while wearing their UNICEF Kid Power Band?

Clue: It begins with a 7… and ends in MILLION!

Pop Quiz #2: and how many kids have gotten life saving food packets because of all this physical activity done by kids wearing a UNICEF Kid Power Band?

Clue: Head over to TIME to check out their Best Inventions of 2016 for the answer!!

Not to toot our own horn, but UNICEF Kid Power is super delighted to have been included in TIME’s selection of one of the best inventions making the world a better, smarter and – in our case too – a lot more fun – place to live!

Our biggest thanks will always be reserved for the UNICEF Kid Power Band wearers. They’ve gone on so many awesome Missions with our Ambassadors — people like P!nk and Alex Morgan — and have earned soo many points getting active that we’ve saved the lives of more than 30,000 children around the globe.

Our co-creator, Rajesh Anandan, couldn’t have said it better when remarking that the band “allows kids to feel like they can change the world.” Well, actually, we think one of our fans Caleb says it even better. Sorry, Rajesh!

So get the UNICEF Kid Power Band and come join us on the most awesome of missions empowering kids to get active and save lives.