The Powers Behind UNICEF Power: the Parents Who Help Make all that Lifesaving Action Possible




Today, the Global Day of Parents, we extend our thanks to UNICEF Kid Power parents across the U.S. who really stepped it up to help UNICEF  deliver therapeutic food packets to severely malnourished children around the world.

In May, thousands of parents spent their precious Saturdays getting active with their children at Kid Power Month pop-ups in Atlanta, Los Angeles and Chicago— doing yoga, running through the Target Maze, follow Ashley Eckstein in a Star-Wars-inspired workout, and take part in other activities — all specially designed to help participants rack up those lifesaving UNICEF Kid Power Points.

As always, big thanks to Presenting Sponsors Star Wars: Force for Change and Target for helping to make these fun UNICEF Kid Power Month celebrations possible. Gratitude also goes out to all the other folks who took part in all the life-saving action, including Ta'Rhonda Jones (Empire), Lucas Zumann (Anne with an E) and Dr. Ken Fox who all came to Chicago’s Children Museum ready to play on Saturday.

The week before in Los Angeles, Sofia Carson (Descendants), Jade Pettyjohn (School of Rock) and Joshua Rush (Andi Mack) came out on a beautiful, sunny day to join in on all the fun. UNICEF Kid Power Champion and two-time Paralympic judo medalist Dartanyon Crockett was also there. Many of the students from the UNICEF Kid Power Schools Program in Los Angeles who were there, too, were excited to get to meet the leader of the UNICEF Kid Power Mission to Burkina Faso.

Great turnouts all three weekends brought the entire UNICEF Kid Power Team closer to its goal of stomping out global malnutrition, now an even greater threat to children around the world. With ongoing conflicts and countries facing famine, UNICEF Kid Power Team members getting active to unlock packets of Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) are increasingly vital to UNICEF’s nutrition work.  

A high energy, protein-packed peanut paste, RUTF contains everything malnourished kids — almost 1 in 4 kids globally — need to recover and get their lives back on track so they can live to their full potential. With the new free UNICEF Kid Power App — available from the App Store or Google Play — everyone can now easily use their smartphones or favorite activity trackers to provide this lifesaving treatment just by doing what they do every day.

Go to to learn more about how you can join the movement by downloading the App or buying a UNICEF Kid Power Band. It’s never been so easy to make such a huge difference to children who badly need the world’s help.