Top 3 Reasons to Do UNICEF Kid Power Ups

This past fall 2017, we launched a new kind of "brain break" that adds impact to students' activity—UNICEF Kid Power Ups! These short, interactive tracks (3 to 5 minutes in length) feature simple dance moves and music that can be played virtually anywhere—from the classroom to the playing field. Each time a group completes a Kid Power Up track, it unlocks one therapeutic food packet to help treat a severely malnourished child. In other words, the more kids DANCE, the more lives they save!

With over 1,000 educators already signed up, we're beginning to see the positive impact of Kid Power Ups. In fact, nine out of 10 teachers say they would recommend Kid Power Ups to another class. We could tell you why to give Kid Power Ups a try, but we thought you might prefer to hear from other teachers like you.

Here's the breakdown of why teachers have decided to incorporate Kid Power Ups into their class time.

#1 - It empowers kids to help other kids!

Kids have an innate desire to help. But in a world where adults tend to make all of the decisions and do all of the "helping" kids often feel both powerless and helpless. Enter Kid Power! By giving kids an opportunity where they can turn their steps into lifesaving food packets for another child, it makes them realize that they do in fact have the power to help change the world. And with Kid Power Ups, kids quickly realize that they can unlock one packet of therapeutic food in just 5 minutes of dancing.

“I gave them the choice of gonoodle (take a brain break and get some exercise and then get back to work) or Power Ups (take a brain break and get some exercise and help a kid get back to good health and then get back to work) and they cheered for the second choice! The response was positive!” - Charissa Cannon Nelson, Teacher

#2 - It inspires kids to come together!

Christine is a teacher in Washington who shares that "My classroom tries to do a Kid Power Up every day!" She acknowledges that it can be difficult to incorporate every day, but she admits that the positive atmosphere resulting after a Kid Power Up break is worth it in spades!

“Educating children is very challenging with the diversity in the classroom and distractions outside of school. When my students follow the  Power Up videos, it unifies us as a group, developing a sense of 'family'. The students enjoy Power Up and there are smiles on all the faces afterwards! Also the purpose of this activity educates my students on what is going on in the world, hopefully to help them develop compassion and offer some help.” -- Christine, Teacher from WA

#3 - It's a FUN way to get kids more active!

We know, we know. There are thousands and thousands of different ways teachers can get kids up and moving a little throughout the day. But let's face it -- it's fun to mix it up and try something different every now and again! Kid Power Ups are not your typical brain break, and teachers have shared that their kids overwhelmingly enjoy the dance moves and music.

“I began the Kid Power Program last spring and was excited to give this a try. We completed our first [track] and my class loved it!!” - Tegan Bombard, Teacher

Right now, our pilot Kid Power Ups program is still free to join. Sign up today and give them a whirl with your students!

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