UNICEF Kid Power School Students Get All Set to Save Lives

Those of you who’ve been reading along know we’re pretty focused on finding new fun ways for your family to enjoy getting active—at home, on vacation, in the city and out on the slopes.

Why? Most certainly because we believe that active kids and families are happier and healthier. But also, we want to make sure you never run out of ways to have fun wearing your UNICEF Kid Power Band. Because every time you get active, you’re saving lives.

To date, you and more than 200,000 Kid Power members have unlocked funding that UNICEF has used to deliver over 52 million packets of therapeutic food to save children suffering from life-threatening severe malnutrition.

That’s a lot of lives saved. Congratulations! And, now, get ready to see that impact grow even further. Thanks to Star Wars: Force for Change and Target, presenting sponsors of the UNICEF Kid Power school program, 170,000 students are getting ready to unleash their boundless energy upon global malnutrition. The school program kicks off March 1, so get ready to see even more cute kids flashing their UNICEF Kid Power Bands for the camera!

For up-to-the-minute updates on UNICEF Kid Power school kids, check out Teach UNICEF’s Facebook and Twitter feeds. And, if you’re a teacher who wants to get in on all this lifesaving action, UNICEF Kid Power school kits—UNICEF Kid Power Bands, tablets loaded with the UNICEF Kid Power Companion App and curriculum and more—are on sale at the Scholastic Store.

It’s a lot to keep straight… but, hey, no one said ending global malnutrition was going to be easy. Thanks for joining us.