Why Kids Love Getting Active to Save Lives With Their UNICEF Kid Power Bands


Looking for a way to make this holiday meaningful to the children in your lives? With a UNICEF Kid Power Band, every step kids take earns them points toward therapeutic food packets that UNICEF delivers to severely malnourished children around the world.

The only fitness tracker that saves lives, UNICEF Kid Power has earned accolades from parents like Jessica Gyarfas who like what it does for their kids—and for children around the world. “My daughter LOVES her UNICEF Kid Power band. She is so excited to help other kids. She got her band from Santa, and she's starting her 4th mission tomorrow. The set-up keeps her engaged, and she gets so happy when she unlocks a new food packet.”

So if you want to give your kids a gift that will keep on giving today, on Christmas, and every other day of the year, UNICEF Kid Power is it!

Stil not convinced? Read what these UNICEF Kid Power Team members have to say:



Jaden Michael: “All I have to do is put on the Band in the morning and get active! It’s so easy to use yet has such a big impact. There are so many people less fortunate around the world — even here in America. UNICEF Kid Power is a great way to change and save lives while getting fit at the same exact time.

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Lily Freebury: "What I love most about UNICEF Kid Power is that it does something no other fitness band does! It lets me help kids in need by staying active! Just walk and change the world!


Caleb Bateman: "I do my best everyday to get active and save lives with my Kid Power Band so that I can send as many therapeutic food packets as I can to malnourished kids around the world. Also, my Kid Power Band has gotten me to try new things, like rope-skipping, pogo ball-jumping, skip ball and the Wii Fit Plus games."


Lexie Hefner: "It really makes me happy when my band buzzes to tell me that I’ve earned another point! And, I like to track the food packets I’ve sent by watching the airplane icon. I picked a blue band because my school is named “Blue Oak.” Most of the kids at school picked blue, too, so we feel like a team! Getting active with UNICEF Kid Power makes me feel really happy and proud and determined to find even more ways to help."


Syd: "I love that I can help other kids just by getting active. Plus it's useful to know how active I am being. I like seeing how many steps I get a day, and friends ask me everyday how many I have."